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my so-called life. angela chase/rayanne graff. explicit. 1.9k.

She wanted to be Angela’s diary, the thing she wrote in, the pages she turned. Trouble was, Rayanne didn’t have any locks.

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[personal profile] muneca_brava had a lovely little post about taking this tropes quiz & then writing about what your top 5 were, so I thought I'd give it a try! I don't really actively think about what kind of tropes I like, but once I got the ~results, it all made sense lol. 

on brand tbh )
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nobody no body nobody
shadowhunters. jace wayland/maia roberts. werewolf au.
I keep forgetting to post about this here lmao.

Maia looks up, attitude already etched into her face, but it crackles into laughter as soon as she sees him. She can’t even answer, she’s too busy bent over the counter cackling. Jace is standing there moody and naked with his hands cupping his junk, shoulders hunched.

“I didn’t mean to,” he sulks. “I could smell barbecue on 2nd and before I knew it — wolf.”

Maia is hysterical, gasping with laugher. “Thank you for this, honestly,” she gets out. “Made my afternoon.”

[ updates semi-regularly ]
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So! I am trying to use DW more, but I have very few friends on this platform! In an effort to make more friends, I thought a meme was called for. Fill this out if you would like & pimp it along if you would also like! Let's be internet friends.

You fill this out!

Then you pass this around if you want to!

Inspired heavily by this lovely post by [personal profile] whatkatedid.
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you better put your kingdom up for sale
american horror story: apocalypse. michael langdon/mr. gallant.
4500 words. warnings on AO3. post-series.

“You would trip and fall into hell,” Michael remarks. When he drops his hand, Gallant drops too, gripping his thighs and gasping as memories rush back. Typical. Michael touches the visible vertebrae at the nape of Gallant’s bent neck, tracing the edge of his nail up and over each bump. He thinks of a bunker at the end of the world and scissors slammed into lavender silk. He thinks of apples. And then he asks, “Do you remember everything now?”

When Gallant looks at him again, Michael knows that he does.

“Good boy,” Michael says. “Or, I should say, very, very bad.”

[ rulers make bad lovers ]
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[community profile] questionoftheday asks: What are you the most nostalgic for?

My answer:

the days when I didn't know how to be anything other than weird. before i figured out how to make myself acceptable. genuine weirdness is something i really miss. 
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 *according to iTunes play count. I feel like this isn't a huuuuundred percent accurate but close enough!

2018 IN FIC

Jan. 2nd, 2019 07:47 pm
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2 0 1 8   I N   F I C

Here’s the annual roundup of all the writing I did this year! Plus what I think about it.

P R E V I O U S L Y :
fics written in: 2010 [39], 2012 [29], 2014 [34], 2015 [13], 2016 [32], 2017 [18]
word count: 2016 [78k], 2017 [82,593]

[ link to last year’s post ]

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Analysis to ~follow!
Just a funny thing I noticed about these titles — we've been under stars, vales, and waves this year, apparently.

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the magicians. margo/q. set during season 1.

The thing was, Eliot had called dibs. And dibs were sacred.

Many a first year had perished under the combined attentions of Margo and Eliot. They cracked, they melted, they gave themselves up to the most delicious torture of being loved and left in the same weekend, sometimes the same hour. But occasionally Margo would see that brightness at the back of Eliot’s eyes that meant he had decided to be especially fond of one, so she steered clear. Personally, she didn’t get attached.

[ ao3 link ]
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I should start posting here! I will try to do that, now that Tumblr is going up in flames, or whatever.

in which jace is turned into a werewolf. post-3a, sorta. 7168 words and counting.

Most of the time you had to wait to see if someone would turn, but Jace’s runes are gone so that seems like confirmation enough.

The scratches curve around his shoulder and down onto his chest, four heavy furrows in the flesh that will not knit back together. His shirt had split along each one, the thin black fabric heavy and wet with his blood. He has other surface wounds but the scratches are the worst and that makes it seem like a pointed attack. Revenge, maybe. Maia wonders if he’s ever gotten this badly hurt without being able to heal himself handily with a stele, but the stoicism of his locked jaw tells her everything she needs to know. His breathing is a little ragged, hitching now and then, but he hasn’t so much as winced since he staggered through the door, holding that one arm so strange.
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I hate to roll up on these defunct sites after so long away just to be a bitch, but I get so many messages to this day about Chuck fics that I have locked and made private that I feel like I need to keep a post at the top of my journal about it. Those fics were locked because I feel gross about having ever written them. I probably ought to just delete them, but I'm honestly too lazy to go back through all the entries now. They will never be made public again. I will not grant anyone access to them. If there were physical copies I would dramatically burn them. It's over. They're gone. Please stop asking me about them. 
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Idk if anyone goes on these sites enough to notice, but Photobucket abruptly decided I was no longer allowed to link to my pictures using them as a hosting site without paying upwards of $300 for the year, so I deleted my account. This will result in tons of broken links for things that I've put up and created over the course of more than a decade in my time in fandom. That is very upsetting to me, obviously. I don't really know what I'm going to do; I used to use Tumblr for hosting sometimes, but it resulted in a lot of broken links itself. I don't really have the energy for fandom that I used to have so most of it will likely remain fucked up. I might try to fix some of the more recent things I've posted, but we'll see. I don't know yet.

But just curious, any hosting sites that anyone is a fan of?
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shadowhunters. maia roberts, jace wayland, luke garroway.
4385 words. w: discussion of past abuse.

summary: Jordan was the bogeyman Maia had banished at the end of the horror movie that was high school. She had not expected to see him again.

( maia doesn't look back )
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shadowhunters. maia roberts/jace wayland/simon lewis. 3556 words.

summary: Coming by Maia's to watch a movie had become a lot less fun for Simon ever since she started going out with Jace.

( maybe I can solve this with geometry )
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shadowhunters. maia roberts/jace wayland.
1518 words. post 2x14.

summary: "I'm not interested in helping you carry your emotional baggage," Maia says. "That's not what this is." // Jace meets her unimpressed stare. "Then what is it?"

( we got nothing in common except all our problems and pain )
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shadowhunters. maia roberts/jace wayland.
1221 words. post 2x13.

summary: Maia and Jace, the morning after.

note: another one for the ol smut meme. [personal profile] girljustdied , this one's for you.

( you're a window, I'm a knife )
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shadowhunters. magnus bane/alec lightwood.
1443 words. post 2x12.

summary: Alec feels like he hasn't taken a breath since Magnus came back out to sit with him, wanting so badly to do something and knowing nothing was enough.

note: Weirdly, this inspiration for this came from the smut prompts, but it is not at all smutty and mostly just sad.

( touch my skin to keep me whole )


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